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Kendra McGovern - Prime West

"Since 2004 Kevin Volk and KV Painting has been my paint contractor of choice for any type of job large, or small. KV Painting has done varying work for me - many large industrial projects (exterior and interior), office projects (interior and exterior), residential work (exterior) and drywall patch. Kevin and his crew take a pride in their work and pay close attention to detail: their patch and prep work is meticulous; and punch-list items are negligible. Kevin believes and stands behind the products he chooses to use and he selects each product with your project and its performance needs in mind. Kevin's crew is fast, through and clean - they have performed extremely well in occupied spaces. I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin Volk and KV Painting to anyone - colleague or friend."

Sean Hakes - ThinkThinker.com
"We we're extremely fortunate to not only run into an exceptional business partner, we found the best painting crew in Colorado! Kevin and his team were very courteous, clean and did a stand-up job - the best crew in town: Period."

Project: Exterior Home or Structure - Paint or Stain
"We used KV painting.  It was an unbelievably great experience. They completed the work as contracted.  They were friendly, courteous, and respectful of special considerations.  The work was exceptional.  They did a great job of cleaning up after the work was completed.  I highly recommend KV Painting to anyone looking for a quality job."

Project: Exterior Home or Structure - Paint or Stain
"KV Painting did an excellent job on my small storefont paint opportunity. I was very impressed with the attention to detail in painting only my building without any spillover/splashing paint onto my 2 neighbors cojoined building. Thanks for referring KV Painters in your listings."

Project: Interior Home or Surfaces - Paint or Stain
"Kevin and his staff of KV Painting were very professional, courteous, and did an amazing job on my great room and deck.  KV Painting was able to help me out even in a tight time frame.  I would highly recommend KV Painting."


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